RESERVATION- A need or a greed?

Here comes the most debated topic of India..”RESERVATION”
I’ve seen people go mad about reservation in India.But you know what, some people are just hypocrites about what they think about this system. Did we go to support the lower castes when they were told to clean the schools instead of studying? No, because it did’nt affected us, we were the ones studying then; or did we go to give them proper masks when poisnous gases of the sewage proved to be fatal to them? And they died just because they had no other work options?No, because no one gives a damn about whatever does’nt affect their lives. What we care about is reservation, because we don’t get seats, we don’t get jobs and they get it, “easily”! Really? Is it that easy??
More than half of these reseved seats are unoccupied in universities. If the reserved category people can gain seats with 33% marks or even with an empty sheet (as claimed by people), why would so many seats remain unoccupied?

The Caste System has been deep rooted into our society and the oppression of the lower classes for over centuries is the cause for the reservation system. Now, in such a situation I’d be very glad if people stop showing affinity to their castes and showing it off in public.Which, to be honest, is impossible in India.

This debate is eternal but we need to see through the actual facts related to it. This blame game is just a consequence of lack of educational institutions and jobs to meet the needs of the growing population in India, and you know what’s easy? Misinterpreting the reservation system and blaming it!


By now, I assume people would have started using cuss words against me, but trust me even I don’t support it completely, as there are some people who are misusing it and that’s just because of lack of implementation.
If you have your fight against reservation, fight wisely, fight the ones who have assets worth lakhs and still jam roads to claim reservation, ┬ánot the ones who were suppressed since ages and are likely to be left out in this fast pace of growth and development. What we want in India is development but that is only limited to ourselves and that’s not the way we would grow.



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